New Location-centric Architecture Streamlines Surveillance Management in OpenEye Web Services

New Location-centric Architecture Streamlines Surveillance Management in OpenEye Web Services

Introducing Locations — a new organizational change in OpenEye Web Services (OWS) that simplifies device management.

This additional management tool helps streamline administration of your surveillance system with location-centric device, permission, and event management architecture by leveraging a higher location-based organization level in OWS.

The shift from recorder-based groups to a location-centric organization was made on January 18th, 2024.

Here are the key features that were affected with this change:

Key Features

  • Simplified Surveillance Management

    Intuitively organize and manage your surveillance system with an enhanced location-centric hierarchy, creating a more cohesive grouping of devices under specific locations.
  • Enhanced Organization

    Experience the ease of OWS’ redesigned workflow with a new Locations tab, bringing a streamlined and logical structure to your management interface.
  • Location-centric Alert System

    Quickly identify and respond to incidents with a revamped Alerts system, including Active Alerts, Alert History, and Alert Rules.
  • Event History Preservation

    Maintain a comprehensive record of event history with secure data that remains accessible on all linked devices, providing continuity even if devices are removed or returned.
  • Device Configuration and Status Monitoring

    Enjoy the convenience of automatic recorder and device assignment to your chosen location, facilitating a hassle-free setup process.
  • Customizable Identification

    Empower your security operations with the ability to assign custom Location IDs, improving the way you classify and navigate through your system’s settings.
  • Adaptability

    Seamlessly manage video footage with the OWS Video Player's Locations tree, catering to diverse surveillance setups.

OpenEye Builds for the Future with Locations

Locations lays the groundwork for future location-based features as OpenEye sets the stage for future improvements to OWS.

To benefit your organization’s security and operations, OpenEye is continually seeking ways to bolster the efficiency and power of OWS.

With Locations, device and surveillance management will enjoy a new streamlined flow, all so that you’ll have the time to continue optimizing your business where it matters.

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