Introducing OWS 24/7, a New Subscription Option for OpenEye Web Services

Introducing OWS 24/7, a New Subscription Option for OpenEye Web Services

Liberty Lake, WASH. – March 11, 2020 – OpenEye, a leading provider of cloud-managed video surveillance solutions, announces the introduction of OWS 24/7, the new monthly software subscription option for OpenEye Web Services users. The subscription model offers users an all in one solution that streamlines software license management and reduces upfront deployment costs.

OWS 24/7 combines OpenEye Web Service’s IP camera recoding licenses and the cloud management licenses into a single convenient monthly software fee that reduces the complexity of purchasing and eliminates the need to keep track of software maintenance expiration terms. This makes OpenEye Web Services significantly more practical for organizations that want to use their operational budgets to fund deployment of a video surveillance solution.

“A subscription model offers users a more predictable way to budget for updates and maintenance of video solutions as an operating expense,” said Ian Siemer, OpenEye VP Product and Marketing. “The monthly fee also reduces the upfront capital cost of the initial installation and eliminates lumpy renewal costs normally associated with software maintenance agreements.”

For dealers, OWS 24/7 offers comprehensive monthly statements, automatic billing and renewal to make it easier to manage and bill services to their customers. A monthly subscription means no extended fees to amortize or track which makes OWS less complex to bundle with other managed services. The simplified licensing model also reduces part numbers and channel restrictions so OWS 24/7 is easier to quote and train sales teams on.

Learn more about OWS 24/7 and decide if a month subscription software license is the right choice for you and your customers.

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