How Cloud-Managed Video Can Help Your Business Deal With Disruptions Caused by COVID-19

How Cloud-Managed Video Can Help Your Business Deal With Disruptions Caused by COVID-19

Almost overnight, the way we do business has changed. Whether through impacts to operations, changes to customer interactions or closures of brick-and-mortar locations, businesses are looking for new ways to adapt. While these changes may seem daunting, there are tools available to help. With cloud-managed video from OpenEye Web Services (OWS), you can use remote monitoring, real-time alerts and reports to stay up-to-date on daily activity and ensure you can respond to changes and incidents quickly while keeping your employees and customers safe.

Check on your business without being there

Using remote video monitoring, you don't have to be on-site to see what's happening. Log into your OpenEye system from any web browser or use the mobile app to pull up cameras wherever you are. It doesn't matter if you have one location or dozens, they're all connected within your OWS account.

Receive real-time alert notifications with video

Use alerts to ensure that you're notified when something out of the ordinary happens. Set up alert rules through OWS, allowing you to see real-time notifications that include a thumbnail image and link to video to check in on the situation and take action if needed. With an integrated alarm system, you can designate specific business operations alerts to trigger only when your alarm system is disarmed.

Enforce social distancing guidelines with camera analytics

Your OWS cloud-managed video system can notify you if queues are building up at your point-of-sale or outside your business, or if people are clustering too close to each other in a specific area. Using camera-based analytics, you can create alerts that notify you when these parameters are exceeded so that you can adjust signage or create more space for customers. The cameras can also monitor line crossing which tells you if people enter using the exit door when you are enforcing occupancy limits or are not following directional flow within aisles.

Save, export and share video clips remotely

A cloud-managed video system like OWS allows you to export important video clips remotely from your recorder to your cloud account. Now you don't have to be on-site to save a clip. Search and export from any location using a web browser or VMS application. Remotely share clips with colleagues or employees to reinforce new processes like cleaning or signage. Use video as a training tool or highlight locations and employees that are doing a good job. Review customer complaints and share video to improve policies and processes.

Use Thermal Monitoring to keep employees safe

For businesses looking for a thermal or temperature-sensing video solution to avoid unnecessary physical contact, the OWS extensive partner ecosystem includes integrations with most thermal cameras on the market to process events from a variety of devices and sensors to create actionable data. Create response workflows for when an employee or customer with an elevated skin temperature is detected. Receive alerts via mobile or client push notifications for immediate action or for further diagnosis. OWS users can add thermal cameras to their OpenEye system to record both thermal and standard video and configure physical or ONVIF alert relay outputs from the cameras that trigger alerts. With OWS, you have the ability to view the camera and thermal image simultaneously for live monitoring and alert notifications.

Have peace of mind that your video will be there when you need it

The real-time health monitoring functions within OWS keep you abreast of critical issues and potential problems with your video system including pending hard drive failure, changes in recording retention, network outages, and camera failure or tampering. Keep up to date on the status of your entire surveillance infrastructure with instant alerts and scheduled reports delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure you have Health Monitoring alerts and reports set up in your account so you don't miss anything and can take proactive action if necessary to prevent costly system downtime.

Check-in every day on your essential business locations

If your business is operating with limited staff, use the OWS thumbnail reports to check-in at multiple locations each day without having to visit each site in person. Ensure that employees are performing new procedures at the prescribed intervals or audit your team to make sure they are adhering to the new guidelines. Configure OWS to send thumbnail reports directly to your email with snapshots of key inventory areas to see if they are stocked and to monitor restricted areas to ensure that they remain closed.

Use 2-way audio to communicate important instructions

While away, use the cloud-managed video system to talk directly to your team remotely. Give instructions to a delivery driver or talk down to someone loitering. Create an alert on your system to notify you when there is motion in the receiving area and then use your mobile device and two-way audio capable devices to talk down important instructions to keep your business secure.

With the OWS cloud-managed video platform, businesses have more tools to keep employees and customers safe. While business as usual has changed, you can use OWS to ensure that your business keeps moving forward. To learn more about how a cloud-managed video solution can help you improve operations and safety at your company, visit our solutions pages:

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