Get more accurate alerts with person and vehicle detection

Get more accurate alerts with person and vehicle detection

Motion detection on surveillance systems is critical in day-to-day operations whether being used to increase video retention or alerting your team to an incident. However those benefits are diminished when the motion detected is actually just leaves in the wind or a raccoon in the trash.

The alerts you care about most are those that can be configured for your business. Whether alerting you to when a truck arrives 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery or a person walks through your empty office after hours. This is why OWS supports person and vehicle detection analytics from industry leading camera providers for more accurate alerting and fewer false positives.

OWS person and vehicle detection:

  • Provides more accurate motion and analytical alerts
  • Allows you to configure recording settings to align with your business needs
  • Improves recording retention through intelligent recording configurations
  • Reduces false positives, improving alerts and reports
  • Notifies you when it matters the most

Person and vehicle detection provides more accurate motion alerts that allow for intelligent recording configurations that in turn reduce storage requirements and the accompanying investment. Person and vehicle detection is available on the OpenEye cloud-managed video surveillance platform, using OpenEye analytics-enabled cameras and supported Hanwha cameras.

updated Monday, May 23rd 2022

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