Easily follow individuals or incidents with Linked Camera Viewing in Command Station

Easily follow individuals or incidents with Linked Camera Viewing in Command Station

Available in Command Station v2.3

An experienced security professional can monitor an active situation and follow an individual or incident as is moves from camera to camera through a campus, building or down the street. But many large installations have dozens or even hundreds of cameras and it takes time to know the names and positions of every camera. Linked camera viewing is a highly intuitive feature that helps you quickly and easily follow in individual or incident by clicking on the video screen in the direction a person is traveling.

Instead of having to remember the name of the next camera as a person exits out of frame or take your eyes off the live view screen to select a camera from a map, linked camera viewing lets you click the screen in the direction the person is traveling to switch to the next camera. Intuitively click on the screen in any direction to view that area without having to remember camera names and locations or load additional cameras into your grid.

Linked Cameras work to speed up investigations in Search as well. Review an incident that spans multiple cameras as the incident unfolds, clicking the screen in the direction the action is happening. Don’t miss important details that might be overlooked when reviewing a grid with too many cameras, or spend time loading cameras that aren’t relevant to the investigation.

Setting up linked cameras in Command Station one time will allow all users in your organization to take advantage of this feature. Linked camera settings are saved to your OpenEye Web Services cloud account and automatically pushed to all users and workstations, without any additional action required.

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