COVID-19 Operations Update

COVID-19 Operations Update

Last Updated March 31, 2020

The health and safety of OpenEye's employees and our communities are our top priorities, but we are also working to continue to support our partners and customers during this unprecedented disruption to normal business operations. Washington State, like many other states right now, is under a "Stay at Home" order. Per the US Department of Homeland Security, security professionals and providers have been classified as “essential critical infrastructure workers.” 

Below we provide answers to questions about OpenEye’s preparedness for continued operations.

Phone Support:

  • The OpenEye Phone Support team continues to be available during our regular support hours.
  • We have provisions in place to support working from home to maintain availability.


  • OpenEye has instituted appropriate travel guidelines for our sales team in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines.
  • All OpenEye sales staff are available via phone or online video conferencing to support you.
  • As a cloud-managed VMS, OpenEye Web Services is well suited for demonstration via webinar.

Production & Shipping:

  • Our production team continues to process and build new orders to get them shipped on time.
  • We are monitoring supply chains and taking action as needed to maintain availability of all products.
  • We anticipate being able to meet normal order demand.
  • Any potential disruptions to production capabilities, or stock levels, will be promptly communicated to our partners with as much advance notice as possible.

Software Development, Product Management, Training & Marketing:

  • OpenEye has provided equipment and technology to all employees who can work from home. We have recommended that employees work remotely to reduce the risk of infection and community spread. Employees have remote access to all systems required to maintain daily operations without significant disruption.

OpenEye Office:

  • In order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the OpenEye office is closed to all walk-in visitors until further notice. We have implemented extra cleaning of common areas and high touch areas.
  • OpenEye headquarters does remain open to support the ongoing production, shipment, and repair of the video surveillance systems that are critical to our food service, infrastructure, financial, and health care end-users

This page will be updated with any changes to the above guidelines that affect our customers.

Please contact your regional sales representative, inside sales or customer support with any additional questions we can assist in answering.

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