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The Ongoing Value of Video Surveillance as a Service

Video Subscription As A Service (VSaaS)

Subscription-based service models are increasing in the security industry. Shifting to video subscription as a service (VSaaS) or SaaS in general involves changing the mindset that one is receiving a service rather than a product. What organizations want is a system that is always current rather than a product that can quickly become out of date or is not functional when it matters most.

With VSaaS, a business can have confidence that the software managing its surveillance system is always updated to the latest version, which means it maintains the highest level of cybersecurity, feature sets and functionality.

Benefits of the subscription model:

  • Easy subscription renewal
  • System software always current
  • Lower startup cost
  • A value-added service contract

VSaaS enables a business to better budget for the cost of the service and allows for easy renewal of subscriptions...

8 Features to Look for in a Cloud-Managed Video Surveillance Solution

Managing a video surveillance through a cloud platform offers a number of benefits, including remote software updates, remote user management, video verification and more.


Analytics, from motion detection to person and vehicle classification to point-of-sale data, provide the actionable intelligence a business needs to make informed decisions or take actions. They can be at the edge or on a recorder and processed on a bridge or in the cloud. The more data points obtained, the clearer picture a business has of its operations...

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