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OpenEye Web Services secures Smog City Brewing's taprooms

Enhancing Security, Streamlining Operations, and Reducing Costs with OWS

Smog City Brewing, a rapidly growing brewery and taproom in Torrance, CA, faced challenges such as illegal dumping, vandalism, and potential liability incidents within its premises. To mitigate these risks and improve operational efficiency, Smog City turned to OpenEye Web Services (OWS) for their video surveillance needs. Installing an OpenEye NVR and cameras, including 360° cameras, provided comprehensive coverage of both the taproom and the brewing equipment, reducing the need for multiple cameras.

Smog City Brewing’s owners and employees have convenient and flexible monitoring capabilities with user-friendly access to the video surveillance system through OWS. They can easily log in from any computer using a web browser or utilize the mobile app for quick checks. This allows staff to gauge taproom activity, jump in to provide additional assistance during busy periods, and ensure prompt customer service. The system’s alerts and reports within OWS also plays a crucial role, promptly notifying the brewery of video loss and enabling them to quickly identify and resolve the issue themselves.

Benefits of OpenEye Web Services

  • Enhanced security
  • Operational efficiency
  • Convenient monitoring
  • Cost savings and liability mitigation

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