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OpenEye helps museum preserve World War II artifacts

OpenEye Web Services Protects the World War II American Experience Museum

The World War II American Experience museum is a labor of love for its founders, a couple who have spent decades collecting tanks, jeeps and memorabilia from all over the world.

The museum houses about 75 vehicles, including tanks, trucks and a rare restored American Red Cross Clubmobile. The structure is comprised of three conjoined buildings, each with 12,000 square feet of floor space. It includes an exhibit hall, entrance hall and a large garage for vehicle storage and maintenance.

Learn how OpenEye Web Services helps the World War II American Experience museum protect its buildings and their historic contents.

Benefits of OpenEye Web Services (OWS)

  • Monitor operations remotely and receive real-time alert notifications via mobile, email or desktop.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, identify operational issues and prevent system downtime with real-time and retrospective reporting.
  • Quickly identify events and reduce loss with intelligent video search options.
  • Easily share video clips with law enforcement or insurance companies to streamline investigations.

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