Why Can’t I Connect to My Recorder with the iDVR Feature?

FAQ ID #12402

Note: The information in this article refers to an issue that was fixed in version 2.0.9 of OpenEye Server Software. 

The HTML code generated by the iDVR software uses the recorder server's LAN IP.  In some cases your web browser may not connect or will stop at the screen “receiving image files” when attempting to connect to your recorder's server using iDVR Web Viewer from a remote location over a WAN (Internet) connection. This is because the HTML code generated by the Web Viewer is using the recorder's local IP address instead of the public IP address. Follow these steps to install a patch:

  1. Browse to the file located at C:\DVR\iDVR\index.htt
  2. Create a backup copy of this file for future use.
  3. Open the file index.htt in a text editor. You should see the following HTML code:

<script language = "JavaScript">
function load(){
                xx = 700;
                yy = 650;
// load();
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" border=0>
<Param name="ServerIP" value="<%ServerIP%>">
<Param name="Port" value="<%ServerPort%>">
<Param name="DebugMode" value="0">
<Param name="Caption" value="CAM %c">
<Param name="CaptionSize" value="10">
<Param name="CaptionVisible" value="1">
<Param name="CaptionFont" value="Arial">

  1. Replace both instances of <%ServerIP%> with the correct WAN (public) IP of the recorder.
  2. Save the file index.htt to the same place it was loaded from (c:\DVR\iDVR\index.htt).
  3. Restart the DVR and check your iDVR Web Viewer connection.
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