SaleGuard from OpenEye

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SaleGuard at a Glance

  • Improve profitablity
  • Reduce shrink
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Make effective staffing and training decisions based on reliable data
  • Search transaction data by group, location, terminal, or operator
  • Create custom data filters
  • Generate Employee Performance Reports
  • View live video with receipt data
  • View recorded video with receipt data
  • Receive critical alerts via email or text message
  • Custom reports
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence Reports

Your Bottom Line Is Our Top Priority

Effective business intelligence and loss prevention are reflected in every aspect of your business. For maximum profitablity, businesses must minimize profit shrink, maximize employee efficiency, and employ the most effective tools to make informed business decisions.

SaleGuard is point-of-sale analytic software from OpenEye created to increase productivity, improve morale, promote efficiency, and raise your bottom line by saving you money you might not have known you were losing.

The key to SaleGuard’s effectiveness is Exception-Based Reporting, along with a wide assortment of reports, customizable alert options, and data search capabilities. With a wide range of Key Performance Indicators, SaleGuard provides you with focused, accurate information so you can make the best decisions for you and your business.

With video and point-of-sale integration, OpenEye provides you with a cost-effective surveillance solution. SaleGuard works seamlessly with OpenEye cameras and recorders, which allows you to combine live video footage with receipt and sales information for a complete picture of your business, your performance, and your bottom line.

SaleGuard is a key component of a complete loss prevention and business intelligence solution. By reducing profit loss and improving productivity, we make your bottom line our top priority.

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Loss Prevention and Business Intelligence

Prevent Shrink SaleGuard uses exception-based reporting to monitor employee performance and help reduce profit loss at the register. By recording voids and other Key Performance Indicators, SaleGuard allows you to keep close watch to prevent shrink.

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Improve Productivity SaleGuard provides fast and easy Employee Reports, delivering a printed document outlining employee strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to evaluate training procedures, make personnel changes, and improve morale.

Increase Efficiency SaleGuard helps you pinpoint problems for quick correction. Exception-based reporting generates custom sales alerts and employee reports to quickly identify areas in need of improvement. No matter what your sales needs may be, SaleGuard reports can help you get the most out of retail.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Advanced video analytics capabilities in the newest version of SaleGuard unlocks even more potential.

Video Integration SaleGuard has the ability to seamlessly integrate with your video surveillance system. By combining high-quality video with exception-based reporting and targeted KPIs, provides you with a complete picture of your business.

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Printable Reports SaleGuard provides printable, graphic reports for easy review by managers, loss prevention officers, as well as employees. See performance of employees, locations, or terminals and compare that performance to your company average, and the highest and lowest performers.